Chickpea balls with pistachio nuts

falafel ballen

The balls
400 gr chickpeas (I used canned, but rinse them before you use them)
200 gr pistachio nuts
3 hands of baby spinach leaves
1 red onion
2 cloves of garlic
½ red chilli pepper
Some mint leaves.
4 spoons of olive oil
2 spoons of flour ( use buckwheat, chickpeas or spelt flour)
Sesame seeds
Coconut oil or peanut oil
Chop pistachio nuts and blend with chickpeas, spinach leaves and mint. Add all other ingredients to the mixer and blend until well combined.
Make small balls of the texture and sprinkle with sesame seeds. Bake them in a pan with coconut oil or peanut oil.
Serve them in a big green salad leave.
Radish leaves
Nuts (1 hand almonds or cashew)
Yoghurt (with 0% fat)
Mint leaves
Olive oil
3 table spoons of lemon juice
Blend Radish leaves with some nuts and add olive oil.
Add yoghurt and lime to the mixture and stir around until combined. Add some more olive oil, salt & pepper.
Serve with some mInt leaves.

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