• Le mas de Cink
    The owners Christian and Karin are amazing hosts and they’ve created a little paradise. It’s a typical house of the south divided in 4 apartments
    and has large garden and pool where you can relax.



  • Le Castellas
    It’s an old goat farm transformed to a proper ‘Auberge’ where you can sleep, have lunch & dinner. We went for lunch and it was just ‘incroyable’.
    You are seated at long tables where the food is offered on large plates and all you need to do is eat, drink and enjoy the view.


Giani, the italian owner runs the place since 30 years and is not your everyday goat farmer. There is no menu so you have to eat what he has on that day.
We had a lovely plate of goat cheese with homemade honey, salad and ham.

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