About me

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This is my personal notebook
  • Things I did (food & travel) and would like to do.
  • Thoughts about how I can improve myself.
Some facts you need to know
  • points & figures! I like bullet points so that’s the reason why this site is full of it. No endless text but just the essence
  • name: Morgane Leten – born in Belgium (Ghent), 31 years old.
  • engaged in Ibiza (2014) – married in 2016 – happy wife (well most of the time) of Jan
  • Richard was born on 19-02-2018 at 4:25pm – happy kiddo – we call him Richy – he is my all time favorite
  • I speak Dutch, French, English & a little bit of Spanish so don’t blame me for spelling mistakes
  • working in HR since 2012 but decided  to quit my job at Jan De Nul Group to travel the world with my sweety pies. First stop will be Mexico City, we leave on 25th December 2018
  • I eat most of the time healthy and do weekly vinyasa yoga
  • addicted to my own made Belgian vegan chocolate
  • always on the go by exploring myself & the world
  • remember: to be imperfect is also perfect

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