Ice Pops

With mango & rose petals


You need:

½ mango
1 orange
8 Rose petals (pick a wild rose that smells and one you can find in a garden, don’t buy them in a shop)
2 teaspoons Cocosflakes
1 teaspoon of cane sugar

– Put 5 rose petals in a cup with lid and add honey so it’s completely under. Keep closed for min 2 hours.
– Put mango, orange juice and rose petals in a food processor. Blend everything and add a little bit of water. (2 tablespoons)
– Put mixture in ice cream molds and place into the freezer for min 4 hours

The crunch:

Chop the 3 rose petals into mini pieces add cocosflakes and cane sugar. Serve with the Mango ice pops.

Also ready my storie about Bouquet Garni.

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